Community & Culture | Oct. 19, 2022

Mixología de México: Immersive Chile Trip Takeaways

What is Mixología de México? 

Mixología de México is a brand new pillar of Academia programming that aims to teach bartenders, chefs and hospitality professionals about the history of Mexican drink making, from historic and regional beverages to modern trends and techniques. 

Mixología de México programming explores the complexity of Mexican culture and showcases regional variations and diversity throughout the country. The program provides an unedited history of Indigenous peoples of Mexico as well as colonial influence through time, land and recipes.

Check out the Proof Read all about the inspiration and initial phases of Mixología de México here.

Who better to answer that than the voices that presented, contributed to and experienced the first chapter of the program focused on chiles.

Throughout September and October, an illustrious cast of chefs and bartenders from across the US, in association with the James Beard Foundation and Tajín USA, made their way to Mexico to learn about all things chiles and PATRÓN Tequila.

The journey into the world of Mexican mixology included visits to world-renowned bars and restaurants, walking the chile fields of Tajín, and spending quality time at Hacienda PATRÓN where visitors experienced firsthand what it takes to produce Simply Perfect tequila, from harvest to cocktail.

Below, hear testimonials from some of the esteemed chefs and visitors who participated in the recent Mixología de México trips and watch a video overviewing the program and all of those who help make it happen! 

Chef Joy Crump Owner, FOODE Fredericksburg, VA

Before I came on this tour I knew absolutely nothing [about PATRÓN Tequila]. I’m always sitting at the bar and I would just order it sometimes and it didn’t really stand out to me. After visiting PATRÓN and going through the intensive sessions, not only do I understand how it’s made, but the history behind it; it’s these deep, deep roots and it’s just overwhelming to be in a place where you can see it happen from start to finish.

I feel it’s so clear that I got to see something from a perspective that very few people get to see and I’ve gotten to taste and touch what very few people get to taste and touch on a level of understanding that it just makes me want to share it. It is just so important to pass it on.

Now when I think of Mexican culture, Mexican food, Mexican drink; I think of color, I think of boldness, I think of history, I think of pride. 

I got to see that pride flow through the drinks to the food to the to all the community around the table and that was just fantastic.

Chef Maurice Wallace Owner/​Executive Chef, LoneStar Catering Somerville, MA

The flavors, the intensity, the customer service, everything about Mexican culture and the food and the cuisine… I’m going back home and I’ve got to rethink some things. Everything about what I do now has changed since I’ve been here.

I’ve traveled the country and seen a lot of things but this experience was really different. The care that the Mexican people have is second to none.

What am I taking home to tell my employees to implement? Everything! 

Olivia Maccioni Manager of Sponsor Relations, The James Beard Foundation New York, NY

It’s amazing that PATRÓN is offering a way for chefs to bring the different lessons that they’ve learned through their eyes into their bar or cocktail program.

I think the Beard Foundation really values being able to partner with large brands that are familiar to the wider dining and drinking community, but that have a really strong value system. This is our first tequila partnership, so showing that side of the brand to the industry, and then hopefully from the industry to the consumer, [is one of the main benefits of the partnership]. 

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