Community & Culture | Aug. 21, 2022

Introducing Mixología de México

Introducing Mixología de México!

Mixología de México is a brand new pillar of Academia programming that aims to teach bartenders, chefs and hospitality professionals about the history of Mexican drink making, from historic and regional beverages to modern trends and techniques.

Mixología de México programming explores the complexity of Mexican culture and showcases regional variations and diversity throughout the country. The program provides an unedited history of Indigenous peoples of Mexico as well as colonial influence through time, land and recipes.

Mixología de México is the first of its kind to be launched as Spanish-language leading with entirely bilingual programming. All course materials and education will be presented in both English and Spanish.

The first chapter of Mixología de México kicks off with a focus on chiles. Chiles play an integral role in Mexican cuisine and beverages. Mixología de México will explore that relationship and dive deep into tasting, taxonomy, and use of chiles.

PATRÓN has partnered with Tajín, the world’s most widely known chile limon seasoning, to showcase how chiles can be used in conjunction with tequila and in culinary spaces.

Who better to introduce this impactful programming than Roberto Núñez, PATRÓN Programs and Education Specialist? Find a link to the video featuring his Mixología journey below, and stay tuned to Academia channels for lots more Mixología de México content, recaps, and program updates to come.

Make sure to check in here and on Instagram @academia_patron as this program evolves and more educational content becomes available. We're thrilled to share this first-of-its-kind programming, and look forward to the many ways we can champion the history, impact, and future of Mixología de México!