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Q&A with Daphne Renée Castro Moreno, La Casona Host & Brand Ambassador

As March ushers in Women’s History Month, we take a moment to spotlight the remarkable journey of Daphne Renée Castro Moreno, a woman whose career embodies resilience, ambition, and the spirit of progress. From her beginnings as a production tour host to becoming the welcoming face of La Casona, bartenders’ home away from home at Hacienda Patrón, Daphne’s story is one of determination and triumph in the world of spirits and hospitality.

Having traversed various roles within Patrón Tequila, Daphne’s expertise, and dedication have earned her a place of honor at the heart of Academia Patrón and in the hearts of all who visit Hacienda Patrón. In our exclusive Q&A session, she shares insights into her multifaceted career, the influential women who have shaped her journey, and advice for aspiring women seeking to make their mark in the spirits and hospitality industry.

Name: Daphne Renée Castro Moreno

Title: La Casona Host & Brand Ambassador 

Years at Patrón: 5+ years

Favorite Patrón Spirit: Patrón Silver

What positions have you held during your time at Patrón? 

I started as a Production Tour host then I moved into the role of aging and blending supervisor. 

After that, I switched from production to Hospitality and became the Chief Tour Host. 

Now, I am the Casona Host & Brand Ambassador. 

I have been fortunate enough to be able to grow and move within the company as I learn not only about my job but also about myself. 

What are some of your favorite memories at Patrón?

So many!

One I cherish is the day I got an interview and visited the Hacienda. I honestly was in awe of the production process and got excited to be a part of it. My initial training where I got to visit every single area and learn from the experts firsthand how they did their job and see the passion of each of them just made me truly become passionate to share everything I learned and that made my job incredibly easy and so rewarding. After that, my memories are full of groups I got to take through the distillery and talk about this incredible process but also learn about each of them, learn about the passion in the industry, and some of my best tours were full of incredibly interesting people or people that would challenge me through their questions and knowledge about everything tequila but more importantly everything Patrón.

I also hold so many wonderful memories of my days in production and the friendships I created during my time there. Working in aging in blending stuck with me. I got to work with an amazing team and learn from the best; everything about what a barrel can do and more. They were for sure 2 full years packed with learning alongside Ricardo Mora and Juan Carlos Camarena.

But of course, I also have great memories about events at La Casona like Patrón Perfectionists, Margarita of the Year, the Hacienda Reunion, the Environment Summit, ICKS! and oh so many more, and of course switching around and being a part of planning events, not only enjoying them, it’s not only an amazing memory but so gratifying!

What do you hope people learn about Patrón and Mexico during their visit?

I hope they learn how many hands and passion are behind every bottle, and that they learn a bit of the history, importance, and complexity of this spirit. I hope they appreciate it for what it is and become champions of the brand. 

What sort of roles have the Patrón guides held before leading bartenders on a tour?

One of the requirements is to have a background in chemistry; so we have people who have been in production, quality supervisors, lab technicians, and also some people who have come over from research facilities and I think we all add a little from our background and personality to the tour. There is no script for the tour so if you were lucky to get a tour from any person who has held these positions you can see different styles and learn something new each time. 

What is your favorite part of the job?

Since day one and in all of the positions I have held it’s been talking with people and learning from them. Whether being a guest or fellow primos that come to visit the Hacienda Primos, talking about Patrón is something I do at work, and outside. It’s so easy to brag about what we do and our perfect product. 

Who are some women within or outside of the company that you admire or have looked up to as role models throughout your career?

I was lucky enough to be mentored by Anne Brock (Bombay Sapphire Master Distiller) 

for a year and it was incredible to be able to share with her and learn from her wisdom she is definitely one of my biggest role models. 

What steps do you take to empower and support other women in the workplace?

I make sure everyone is heard and they all feel what an important part of the team they are and encourage them to go further to aspire for more and help in any way I can. 

What advice would you give to young women aspiring to pursue a career in the spirits industry?

To just go for it they will enjoy it more than they already know they will. It’s really fun! 

Margarita or Paloma?


What’s your go-to karaoke song?

😂…no karaoke.

At Academia Patrón, where knowledge and tradition intersect, Daphne’s story resonates deeply. As we celebrate Women’s History Month, it’s fitting to recognize and celebrate not only the accomplishments of remarkable individuals like Daphne but also to champion the efforts of those committed to empowering and uplifting women in the spirits and hospitality industry. 

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