Frozen Cocktails

Explore frozen cocktail recipes, batching guides and inspiration for seasonal serves featuring Patrón Tequilas below, whether you’re looking for a crisp classic or something adventurous. When you find the one that is perfectly balanced – not too sweet, not too tart, and just boozy enough– it is a craveable thing of beauty. 

Frozen cocktail recipes and resources

Operation Brain Freeze

In the summer of 2017 the Patrón Education & Mixology team began work on a project dubbed​“Operation Brain Freeze” with the sole purpose of taking the guesswork and the pre-mix out of the frozen margarita. Due to the continuing popularity of these drinks, we have continued to update the roster which now features an amazing 25 different recipes! From the Classic Margarita to a Frozen Batanga or Grasshopper, there is literally something for everyone.

All of the recipes yield 3 — 5 gallons and have dilution already included to make it as easy as possible.

Explore batchable frozen cocktail recipes

Frozen cocktail recipes and resources


Uncover the history of the Frozen Margarita and how it came to be a classic tequila cocktail, all stemming from the invention of the blender.

Article by
Claudia Alarcon

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