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PATRÓN Paloma Creativity!

A delicious PATRÓN Paloma can be as simple as PATRÓN Reposado and your favorite grapefruit soda, however, the simplicity of this favored classic allows it infinite possibilities. Below you’ll find deliciously creative takes on this two ingredient cocktail that plays up the notes found in reposado tequila, as well as ingredients chosen by worldly bartenders.

Whether you are thinking locally or globally, there’s no wrong way to add a touch of creative energy to a PATRÓN Paloma. Try your hand at these recipes to see which best fits your mood, or head to your local market to see how you can add your own spin. The Paloma remains a classic because of its simplistic nature, and its ability to be adapted all around the world. We wish you happy mixing and remember, great Palomas begin with PATRÓN Reposado!

Palome| Storm Evans

Palome by Storm Evans, Australia

(Serves 1)

45ml Patrón Reposado

30ml Spiked Grapefruit Cordial

60ml Soda Water

Garnish with jellied grapefruit wedge and salted mandarin sherbet

Blinkin’ Lights| Freddie Schefferski

Blinkin’ Lights by Freddie Schefferski, Germany
(Serves 1)

40ml Patrón Reposado

60ml Raspberry Tomato Cordial

70ml Soda Water

Garnish with raspberry tomato dust

Connecting Dots| Jesus Verde

Connecting Dots by Jesus Verde, US

(Serves 1)

40ml Patrón Reposado

80ml Tomatillo & Grapefruit Soda

2ml Saline Solution

Garnish with tomatillo and grapefruit salt, rosita de cacao tincture, jicama with fried hoja santa

Moloma| Gustavo Rodriguez

Moloma by Gustavo Rodriguez, US

(Serves 1)

45ml Patrón Reposado

45ml Mole Orgeat

45ml Grapefruit

15ml Lime

45ml Citrus Cordial Soda

Garnish with black lava salt rim, dehydrated fruit peels and serve with chocolate covered nuts

Get Bee’er| Ruby Roo

Get Bee’er by Runy Roon, Israel

(Serves 1)

52.5ml Patrón Reposado

22.5ml Fresh Almond & Honey Orgeat

22.5 Yellow Grapefruit Juice

45ml Green Almond & Sage Soda

3ml Edible Beeswax

Garnish with bee pollen, sage and salt tuile 

Messico e Nuvole| Simone Broglia

Messico e Nuvole by Simone Broglia, Italy

(Serves 1)

45ml Patrón Reposado

80ml Jicama Fake Cordial

25ml Enzymed Grapefruit

Garnish with sage hydrolate and jalisco edible soil

The Journey Home| Michel Alves

The Journey Home by Michel Alves, Spain

(Serves 1)

50ml Patrón Reposado

50ml Community Cordial

50ml Enzymatic Grapefruit Soda

1ml Homely Aroma

Garnish with a cherry surprise

The Beginning| Nathan Price

The Beginning by Nathan Price, UK

(Serves 1)

40ml Patrón Reposado

40ml Clarified Pistachio Cordial

25ml Reduced White Port

2ml Dulse Tincture

70ml Soda Water

Garnish with chocolate covered pistachio with vanilla ice cream

The Monomyth| Kristina Tubig

The Monomyth by Kristina Tubig, Philippines

(Serves 1)

50ml Patrón Reposado

20ml Dill Distillate

20ml Clarified Grapefruit Kvass

120ml Fermented Grapefruit Soda

2ml Saline Solution

0.3ml Dill Tincture Spray

Garnish with dill byproduct leather and caviar with gold flakes

Cristobalita| Maria Fernanda Mendez

Cristobalita by Maria Fernanda Mendez, Mexico

(Serves 1)

50ml Patrón Reposado

60ml Coleto Cordial

120ml Soda Water

Garnish with pink grapefruit gelatin

Paloma Scaramantico| Mauro Cortese

Paloma Scaramantico by Mauro Cortese, UAE

(Serves 1)

40ml Patrón Reposado

5ml Sospeso Cordial

50ml Vanilla Wine

60ml Roasted Tomato Soda

Garnish with ice cream cone filled with vanilla and salty tomato jam

The Wood Ash Paloma| JJ Hendricks

The Wood Ash Paloma by JJ Hendricks, South Africa

(Serves 1)

40ml Patrón Reposado

20ml Sauvignon Blanc

14ml Crème de Cacao

2ml Jasmine Grapefruit Tincture

120ml Grapefruit Soda

Garnish with grapefruit and a hibiscus and pink peppercorn rim

Ode To The Streets: Sticky Fingers| Billy Ranchez

Ode To The Streets: Sticky Fingers by Billy Ranchez, Philippines

(Serves 1)

45ml Patrón Reposado

200ml Shrub Soda

Garnish with Banana Ketchup salt rim

El Colesterol De Fito| Louis Schofield

El Colesterol De Fito by Louis Schofield, France

(Serves 1)

30ml Patrón Reposado

50ml Grapefruit Meringue Cordial

1ml Amaretto Itaca Barbero

15ml Berjus

80ml Water

Garnish with homemade meringue and Himalayan salt rim

The Familiar Stranger| Joe Arakawa

The Familiar Stranger by Joe Arakawa, US

(Serves 1)

60ml Patrón Reposado

45ml Chai Infused Tomatillo Water

7.5ml Chai Infused Rice Vinegar

7.5oz Pure Agave Syrup

5ml Saline Solution

30ml Clarified Grapefruit Juice

Garnish with tomatillo salted grapefruit air

Girl Anachronism| Ashleigh Hehmann

Girl Anachronism by Ashleigh Hehmann, US

(Serves 1)

60ml Patrón Reposado

15ml Martini & Rossi Bianco

15ml Acid Adjusted Grapefruit Juice

20ml Tropical Juice Blend

22ml Dulce de Guyaba Syrup

60ml Homemade Grapefruit Soda

Garnish with upcycled herbed sugar and salt rim

Buena Suerte Paloma| Gianluca Passuello

Buena Suerte Paloma by Gianluca Passuello, Canada

(Serves 1)

45ml Patrón Reposado

15ml Palo Santo Fortified Wine

22ml Tierra Madre Cordial

60ml Sage Soda

Garnish with eucalyptus and burnt sage salted meringue with a coconut and Palo Santo sphere

As you embark on your journey to explore the world of Palomas, don’t limit yourself to just one version. Try as many riffs as you can find, and don’t hesitate to experiment with your own creations. The beauty of the Paloma lies in its endless possibilities, and your next favorite drink might be the one you invent!

Be sure to share your unique PATRÓN Paloma twists with friends and family, and who knows? Your concoction might inspire someone else’s next cocktail adventure. For even more inspiration and to stay updated with the latest recipes and educational content, follow Academia Patrón on Instagram and keep checking back on our website. Here’s to creating and enjoying the perfect Paloma, your way!