Recipes & How To's | Aug. 2, 2021


At around 92% water, it’s astounding that this melon can pack such a punch of flavor. Ripe watermelon juice in a cocktail brings a flavor that sets the tone for summer, and remains just as quenching as the months progress. We’ve come across many a watermelon in our time; some that were cut to look like baskets, others cubed, balled, juiced, or frozen. From this, we’ve been able to mix up drinks that are sure to delight, or at least offer up some new inspiration as you start (or continue) your journey with this beloved summer fruit. 

In this feature, we’ll offer up a few exciting ways for you to make the most of your watermelon. We’ve included a titillating punch great for a group, a frozen mix ready for a machine, and a single serve smash that utilizes herbs from your garden and is as delicious as the watermelon is oblong. Get your shaker tins, your stirring hand, and blenders ready because these cocktails are going to be flowing as long as the sun is shining…and maybe into the night too.

When we think watermelon, we think of a cool buzz (not that kind,) because there are at least three things required in the growing process. Sun, water, and bees. Bees are critical for the success of a crop and do so in their role as significant pollinators. Farmers rely on these little creatures and will often hire or even raise bees to help get this accomplished. So maybe the next time you think of watermelon, think of the little buzz that played its part.

Flip Flop Weather

If you aren’t familiar with Operation Brain Freeze, it is our way of bringing great frozen beverages your way with recipes by the gallon. From the Frozen Tommy’s Margarita to a Purple Mai Tai, we challenged ourselves to create and deliver a wide range of beautiful and delicious frozen drinks. Featured here is the Flip Flop Weather, a summer sipper that features Patrón Silver and our guest of honor, watermelon, in the form of a purée. The total yield from your frozen machine will be 3.7g, so have your friends at the ready!


66oz/​2L Patrón Silver

100oz/​3L Finest Call Watermelon Purée

100oz/​3L Lime Juice

100oz/​3L Sprite

100oz/​3L Filtered Water


Combine all ingredients in 5 gallon cambro, stir until mixed. Pour into frozen machine and allow to freeze. Stir to maintain consistency.


12oz pour in rocks glass.


Garnish with watermelon slice and a cracked pepper rim.

Watermelon Patio Punch

If your house or bar isn’t equipped with an industrial frozen machine (but whose isn’t, right?) then this Watermelon Patio Punch is a simple way to twist up something spectacular for summer and a crowd. It’s refreshing enough for the hotter days, but juicy enough to be a great brunch substitute for the mimosa. This recipe also offers an opportunity to serve the punch straight out of the watermelon itself! It requires a watermelon tap” but if you’re missing the key parts, a punch bowl will do the trick!


25oz/​750ml Patrón Silver

4c Watermelon Juice

1c Fresh Lime Juice

1c Simple Syrup

.5tsp Salt


Lay a (preferably seedless) watermelon on its side and assess which end would be a better base if you were to stand it on its end. Using a chef’s knife, slice off a small bit of the rounded end to create a flat surface, being careful not to cut through to the flesh.

Slice off the opposite end to create a lid”, and stand the watermelon upright.

Using a large spoon or ice cream scoop, hollow out the watermelon, being sure to save the flesh and any juices.

Transfer flesh to a blender and puree lightly, enough to liquefy the mixture.

Strain through a fine mesh strainer to remove any pulp.

Combine Patrón Silver, watermelon juice, lime juice, simple syrup and salt and stir to thoroughly combine.

Return contents to the watermelon for service and add ice to chill.


Punch glass, or Old Fashioned


Watermelon slice

Watermelon Smash

If you are not looking to host a get-together and would rather enjoy a couple rounds of something delicious at home, the Watermelon Smash is a delicious way to utilize fresh watermelon and whatever fragrant leafy herb you can pull from your garden. Basil and mint both grow well outside and on a countertop, and have unbelievable track records when served with fresh watermelon. Watermelon juice can be picked up from a local juicery, but making it at home is as simple as throwing cubed watermelon into a blender, blending, and straining out any seeds or solids. Make sure to refrigerate after use.


1.5oz/45ml Patrón Reposado

1oz/​30ml Fresh Watermelon Juice

1oz/​30ml Fresh Lime Juice

1oz30/​ml Simple Syrup

4oz/​120ml Soda Water

3 Mint or Basil Leaves


Combine ingredients except soda water in a cocktail shaker and shake with ice until well chilled. Strain onto fresh ice in a Collins glass. Top with soda water.


Collins glass


Garnish with a basil or mint leaf and wedge of watermelon