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U.S. Patrón Perfectionists Finalist Videos

As we celebrate the U.S. Patrón Perfectionists Finalists, we are excited to share the entry videos that helped our talented bartenders reach the Top 10 in this year’s competition. Each of their videos showcased their creativity, talent, storytelling capabilities and unique personalities, and we congratulate each and every one of the finalists. Take a look at each of the 8‑minute entry videos below, accompanied by the recipe. For more information on this year’s finalists and their cocktails, visit Proof Reads on

Jamie Clark // Fuzzy Feeling

Fuzzy Feeling Recipe

2 oz Patrón Silver Tequila

1.5 oz Pressed kiwi juice

1 oz Sauvignon Blanc syrup

0.5 oz Fresh lime juice

2 dash Black lemon bitters

Fabio Steven Gonzalez // LA ULTIMA CITA

La Ultima Cita Recipe

1.5 oz Butterfat-washed Patrón Silver Tequila

0.75 oz Amontillado sherry

1 oz Condensed milk

0.5 oz Freshly squeezed lime juice

0.5 oz Passion fruit puree

Salt, preferably Maldon


2 oz Clarified butter (to fat wash tequila)

Jason Holmes // Traversing Meridians

Traversing Meridians Recipe

2 oz Patrón Silver Tequila

1 oz Nigori-style sake

0.5 oz Mango juice

0.5 oz Lime juice

0.5 oz Simple sugar syrup

1 tsp (5 mL) Hot pepper sauce

Roberto Núñez Moreno // Atoto

Atoto Recipe

1.5 oz Patrón Reposado Tequila

0.75 oz Vanilla-flavored Spanish liqueur

0.75 oz Fresh lime juice

5 to 6 Large diced pieces of watermelon

2 Fresh orange slices

Mint leaves

1 Barspoon Honey

1 Egg white


The Final Bell Recipe

1.5 oz Patrón Reposado Tequila

0.75 oz Amontillado sherry

0.75 oz Raspberry demerara syrup

0.5 oz Fresh lime juice

5 drops Saline (4:1)

3 dashes Aromatic bitters

Grapefruit peel to express and garnish 


Stage Presence Recipe

1.5 oz Patrón Silver Tequila

2 dashes Saline solution (4:1)

0.5 oz Lime juice

0.75 oz Honey syrup (3:1)

0.25 oz Pineapple juice

0.5 oz Bombay Bramble Blackberry and Raspberry Gin

4 – 6 Sage leaves


Forever Sun Recipe

1.5 oz Patrón Silver Tequila

0.5 oz Martini Bianco Vermouth

1 oz Fresh green apple juice (ideally granny smith)

0.75 oz Celery syrup (1:1 Celery juice from celery stalks and white caster sugar by weight)

0.5 oz Lemon juice (freshly squeezed)

1 oz India Pale Ale (IPA) beer

Mint (Garnish)


Caldera Recipe

1.5 oz Patrón Anejo Tequila

0.5 oz Artichoke amaro

0.5 oz Amontillado sherry 

0.5 oz Creme de cacao

0.75 oz Strawberry syrup

0.75 oz Lemon juice

1 Barspoon (1/2 teaspoon) Ground black pepper

Pink/​black salt for garnish on the rim of the glass


Tierras Y Manos

1.75 oz Patrón Añejo Tequila

0.5 oz Ruby port

1 oz Lemon juice

0.5 oz Demerara syrup (2:1)

0.5 oz Earl Grey tea (brewed with 5 standard tea bags in 10 ounces of hot water for 5 minutes)

0.75 oz Egg white

4 sprays Gentian liqueur

Grapefruit peel (expressed and twisted into a grapefruit rose”)


Happy Little Trees Recipe

1.5 oz Patrón Silver Tequila

0.5 oz Martini Fiero Vermouth

0.25 oz Mango juice

0.75 oz Lime juice

0.5 oz Rich hibiscus syrup

0.25 oz Strawberry puree

3 drops Saline

2 Smoking rosemary sprigs

Find the full presentation of the U.S. Patrón Perfectionists finals on the Academia Patrón and Patrón Perfectionists Facebook pages. For more on the 2021 U.S. Finalists, visit Proof Reads to find in depth Q&A and recipes. Stay tuned to Academia channels to learn more about the upcoming global finals — we’ll see you there! 

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