Perfectionists | Sep. 29, 2022

Academia PATRÓN Perfectionists Education Modules — Watch Now!

Education is at the heart of the PATRÓN Perfectionists. This year’s program features a comprehensive education program led by industry experts. 

Below, find recordings of each of the educational modules, available as needed as a permanent resource, led by talented PATRÓN Brand Ambassador from around the world. 

Roxanne Rock from South Africa hosts a session of Discovering Deliciousness, which explores the best of nature’s bounty from around the world & will reveal a new resource created to bring our global drinks community closer to the incredible ingredients Mexico has to offer. 

TJ Vong from Denver, Colorado, USA leads a session of Mastering the Elements, which focuses on how to unlock the most incredible flavor from your ingredients using high-tech & low-fi methods. 

Luke Knox from South Africa leads ¡LISTO!, which explores the exciting future of experiential cocktail garnishes. 

Explore the recordings below, and don’t hesitate to reach out to your local Brand Ambassador with any questions around the PATRÓN Perfectionists program. 

Mastering the Elements | Academia PATRÓN Perfectionists Virtual Education Module

¡LISTO!| Academia PATRÓN Perfectionists Virtual Education Module

Discovering Deliciousness| Academia PATRÓN Perfectionists Virtual Education Module

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