Perfectionists | Jul. 29, 2023

Paloma Perfecta Make-along with PATRÓN Perfectionists

Looking for some Paloma inspiration for your PATRÓN Perfectionists entry? As part of this year’s PATRÓN Paloma Perfecta global educational programming, we captured three uniquely talented PATRÓN Perfectionists in action as they shared their take on the refreshing Paloma. 

Watch as Giulia Cuccurullo, Global Winner of PATRÓN Perfectionists 2020 and Head Bartender, The Artesian, London, UK, Kat Stanley-Whyte, UK Winner of PATRÓN Perfectionists 2021 and bartender at The American Bar, London, UK, and Yeray Monforte, Global Winner of PATRÓN Perfectionists 2019 and owner of Bad Company 1920 in Madrid, Spain, share their cocktail recipes in a make-along-style video, which you can view by signing up for or logging into the PATRÓN Perfectionists community (click to access).

Whether you gather ingredients and mix a drink alongside our contributors or just observe for some fresh perspectives, find their recipes below. 

Colomba by Giulia Cuccurullo

Colomba by Giulia Cuccurullo

Global Winner PATRÓN Perfectionists 2020 | Head Bartender, The Artesian, London, UK

45ml (1.5oz) PATRÓN Reposado Tequila​
15ml (0.5oz) Agave & Mushroom Syrup*​
30ml (1oz) Grapefruit Juice​
10ml (0.25oz) Lime Juice

Top with Soda Water​
Rim with Smoky Salt

Add all ingredients except soda water to a shaker with fresh ice, shake, and strain into a chilled, salt-rimmed highball glass over cubed ice. Top with soda water. 

*Agave & Mushroom Syrup

150g Fresh Shiitake Mushrooms​
450ml (15oz) Water

Blend ingredients together, vacuum pack and cook sous vide for 30 minutes at 40ºC/104ºF. Filter and mix 1:1 with agave syrup. 

Palomelona Milk Punch by Kat Stanley-Whyte

Palomelona Milk Punch by Kat Stanley-Whyte
(Serves 6)

UK Winner PATRÓN Perfectionists 2021 | Bartender, The American Bar, London, UK

120ml (4oz) PATRÓN Reposado Tequila​
30ml (1oz) Melon Liqueur​
150ml (5oz) Early Grey & Tonka Syrup*​
90ml (3oz) Grapefruit Juice​
45ml (1.5oz) Lime Juice​
75ml (2.5oz) Coconut Milk

Top with grapefruit soda.

Add all ingredients to a 2 liter glass jug filled with ice. Stir with a wooden spoon and add seasonal fruit and flowers. 

*Early Grey & Tonka Syrup
(*note that vanilla bean can used in place of tonka as needed)

10g Earl Grey Tea​
Half a grated Tonka Bean​or Vanilla Bean
900ml (30oz) Water​
250g Sugar​

Heat all ingredients together, remove from heat and allow to steep for 15 minutes. Strain and bottle. 

Castellón Paloma by Yeray Monforte

Castellón Paloma by Yeray Monforte

Global Winner PATRÓN Perfectionists 2019 | Owner, Bad Company 1920, Madrid, Spain

45ml (1.5oz) PATRÓN Reposado Tequila​
30ml (1oz) Strawberry Agave Syrup*​
15ml (0.5oz) Lime Juice​
75ml (2.5oz) Grapefruit Juice

Top with Champagne​(or a dry non-alcoholic sparkling wine or chilled tonic water)

Add all ingredients to a chilled highball glass, filled with cubed ice. Stir briefly and garnish with a strawberry & grapefruit zest. 

*Strawberry Agave Syrup

300g Strawberries​
300g Agave Syrup

Chop strawberries and cook with the agave for 10 minutes without letting the syrup come to a boil. Allow to cool, and strain through a metal strainer. 

That’s a wrap on the Paloma Perfecta Make-along! Thanks for joining.

We’ll continue to share Paloma recipes and content from around the globe and from some enormously talented mentors and contributors. Stay tuned to Academia PATRÓN channels for all the latest, including upcoming mentorship sessions. 

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