Perfectionists | Feb. 22, 2022

Patrón Perfectionists Global Finalists & Winning Recipes: Part 2

The final moments of Patrón Perfectionists may not be until late spring, but the recipes that got our competitors to this point continue to shine.

The Perfectionists have continued to make their cocktails in their respective cities as they pore over the details that will catapult one of them as the Global Finals Champion.

In this blog you’ll find each Perfectionist, where they are from, and the recipe to recreate their delicious drinks. Join us in raising a glass as we carry on championing these talented bartenders until the day we can see them in Mexico where they learn what it means to become part of the Perfectionists community.

Zana Möhlmann | Benelux | White Noise

Cocktail Recipe | White Noise


50 ml Patrón Silver Tequila

50 ml Blackend Banana water*

10 ml Fino Sherry

10 ml Honey water*

1 dash saline solution* (4:1)

Garnish: fresh sage leaf


Stir the ingredients over cubed ice and serve in a highball over either ice cubes or a big block ice, garnish with a fresh sage leaf. If the leaf doesn’t immediately stick to the glass you can add a drop of honey to use as glue’ to stick it on the inside of the glass.

*Blackend banana water (1:1):

Get fresh ripe/​overripe bananas and lay them in the oven for 20 – 30 min on 150 degrees so the starches turn into sugar, take them out when they are completely mushy, soft and the pectine is dripping from the skins.

Cut the bananas open and take the flesh out, the flesh has to be juicy and very soft for the best result. Add equal parts of water to the yield of the banana flesh and mix it well together. Strain the mixture through a sieve, you’ll be left with the sweet and tropical banana water.

You can use the left-over black banana skins to infuse into a spirit and​use the left-over banana flesh in your favourite banana bread recipe.

*Honey water (3:1):

Add 3 parts of honey to 1 part water

*Saline solution (4:1):

add 20g sea salt to 80g of water and whisk till dissolved.

Wilson Pires | Portugal | Paloma Negra

Cocktail Recipe | Paloma Negra


45ml Patrón Silver

10ml St Germain Elderflower liqueur

35ml Grapefruit cordial

3ml Chilli liquor


Mix all the ingredients and throw in a rocks glass.

Kat Stanley Whyte | UK | Escape the Box

Cocktail Recipe | Escape the Box


35ml Patrón Reposado

20ml Creme De Framboise

20ml Raspberry Syrup

50ml French Malbec (Le Coq Perdu, Pays d’Oc)

1ml (2 drops) Saline Solution (4:1)

Fresh Raspberries (Garnish)

Demerara Sugar (Garnish)


- Pour from Bag in Box over cubed ice in wine glass (125ml per serve)

- Open lid of re-used Patrón Packing Box to find Caramelised Tequila Raspberries

- Enjoy garnish on the side or consumer has the option to add it to the drink


- Build all ingredients in glass — if bag in box is unavailable — with cubed ice and stir

- Add Garnish


- Infuse fresh raspberries in 10ml Patrón Reposado for 45 minutes

- Remove the raspberries and place in the freezer for 2 – 3hrs — enjoy the remaining tequila whilst waiting

- Roll the raspberries in the raspberry syrup followed by rolling them in demerara sugar

- Very carefully using a blowtorch and Patrón Stirrer/​Cocktail pick, caramelise the sugar until all the fruit is covered, place on greaseproof paper and place in the fridge for an additional 2 – 3hrs for caramel to set

- Place the caramelised Tequila Raspberries in Escape the Box” wrapping and add to top of Bag in Box or store in fridge

Marta Ess | Canada | Golden Ratio

Cocktail Recipe | Golden Ratio


1.5oz (45ml) Patrón Silver Tequila

0.75oz (25ml) Martini Rosso

0.125oz (5ml) Amaro Lucano

1oz (30ml) fresh pineapple juice

0.5oz (15ml) fresh lime juice

0.5oz (15ml) rich sugar syrup (2:1; added post dilution)

Freshly grated nutmeg (garnish)


Build all ingredients, minus 2:1 syrup and nutmeg, in shaker tin.

Add ice. Shake until chilled. Strain ingredients back into tin. Do not add additional ice. Add 0.5oz rich simple syrup. Dry shake. Fine stain again into a chilled Nick & Nora glass. Place index card/​business card/​piece of paper/​cardstock over 23 of top of drink. Grate fresh nutmeg over exposed (1/3) surface area. Remove card.

Yeferson Avila Rodriguez | Colombia | Conexión

Cocktail Recipe | Conexión


30ml Patrón Silver Tequila

15ml Cocoa cream liqueur (white)

7.5ml Amontillado Sherry

7.5ml Lime juice

7.5ml Sugar syrup (2.1)

Basil leaves


Add Patrón Silver, lemon, syrup and cocoa liqueur into a cocktail shaker with ice and shake for 8 seconds. Pour in an old-fashioned glass over an ice ball, add the Amontillado Sherry on top and basil as a garnish for a fresh touch.

Fabio Steven Gonzalez | USA | La Ultima Cita

Cocktail Recipe | La Ultima Cita


1 12 oz Butter Fat Washed PATRÓN Silver

34 oz Amontillado Sherry (preferably Lustau Escuadrilla)

1 oz Condensed Milk

12 oz Lime Juice (freshly squeezed)

12 oz Passion Fruit Puree (preferably unsweetened Boiron puree)

Salt (to rim the glass — preferably Maldon salt)

Nutmeg (grated on top)

2 oz Clarified Butter (to fat wash Tequila — preferably unsalted Land O Lakes butter)


Jigger all ingredients into a shaker except nutmeg and salt. Add Kold Draft ice to the shaker and shake until the desired dilution has been reached (close to 8 seconds). Rim a double old-fashioned glass with Maldon salt and place a big cube in it. Double strain liquid into prepared glass, and finish it with grated nutmeg on top.

To clarify butter:

Place one stick of butter in a heat-resistant glass container, and place it inside a pot or pan with water. Turn the heat to medium and wait until the butter has melted, and the milk solids and water have separated from the fat. Remove from heat; let stand 5 minutes. Skim off foam. Slowly pour out clear yellow liquid through a fine strainer, leaving behind the residue of milk solids and water. Clarifying the butter would prevent the Tequila from becoming cloudy during the fat washing process.

To butter fat wash Patrón Silver Tequila:

Add 6oz of Patrón Silver Tequila and 2oz of clarified butter in a ziplock bag. Close the bag and shake for 30 seconds. Let the mixture settle for two hours in room temperature. Once the settling time has passed, place the ziplock containing the Tequila/​butter mixture in the freezer overnight. Remove the bag from the freezer and strain through a coffee filter or a very fine strainer into a sealable container. Keep the butter fat washed Patrón Silver Tequila in the fridge until needed.

Daniel Geobany Rodriguez Flores | Mexico | Outbreak of Resilience

Cocktail Recipe | Outbreak of Resilience


60 ml Patrón Silver

30 ml St. Germain

10 ml Martini Bianco

Edible flower


In a chilled mixing glass, add 60 ml of Patrón Silver tequila, 30 ml of St Germain liqueur and 10 ml of Martini Bianco. Add ice, stir with a mixing spoon for 10 seconds. Place the crystal-clear ice in the glass, add the liquid from the mixing glass, straining with a julep strainer. Decorate with an edible flower.

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