Community & Culture | Jan. 4, 2022

Lower ABV Cocktails and Ideas for Dry(ish) January

January is a month for thoughtful outlooks — a reflection point of past lives lived and a chance to begin anew. You may begin looking at routines, lifestyle choices, and even recipes with a mindful, or hopeful, eye. What was once old is new, and what is new is exciting.

In this Dry January-inspired Proof Read we are taking a look at some of the supporting roles in cocktail making. We are sharing some of our favorite stand-alone beverages that sip as solidly on their own as they do paired with exceptional Patrón tequila.

In addition to the list of mixed, fermented, or brewed beverages, you’ll also find some exciting cocktail recipes featuring familiar pours like Patrón Silver, and some new ways to think about mixing Patrón Añejo and Extra Añejo, even if with a lighter hand than usual.

No matter the drink inspiration you’re seeking, we’ve got you covered with recipes and below with help from Egor Polonskiy.

Tips from Egor Polonskiy | Manager of Trade Education & Mixology, West Region

Here are couple things I suggest to include into your arsenal if you’re lightening up your drinking habits in January. If you wish to, you could incorporate about 1 oz of Patrón tequila to create a simple duo that will still taste great:

  • N/A tepache — Tepache is a fermented pineapple juice, originally from Mexico and South America.
  • Kombucha, kefir, yogurt drinks, jun, kvass and other fermented beverages — Sometimes there is still a little bit alcohol in the, but it’s usually insignificant.
  • Green juices (or what we call jugo verde”) — Leaning into the notion that anything natural and green is (generally) great for you, you can fresh press or juice some celery, lime, green apple, melon etc. All of these fruit and vegetable combinations are great with a little tequila, of course. It’s all about the balance.
  • Fruit or herbal teas” - Even though herbal teas are not technically real teas made they are not made from from tea leaves, they are delightful on their own or mixed with spirits. Some of them could be cold-brewed and carbonated in the soda stream to make a tea” soda. Some of my favorite teas” of this kind are made with dried hibiscus, which brings a lot of acidity. You can incorporate a little bit of stevia leaf to find a perfect sweet/​sour balance. Your local tea store or something like David’s Tea will typically stock Strawberry Hibiscus or Coconut Hibiscus as an option.
  • Non-alcoholic beer - Non-alcoholic beers are trending and going through some serious improvements. There are even a few micro-breweries that specialize solely in n/​a beer. Some of them do an outstanding job (Athletic Brewery is my pick here). You can make your favorite beer cocktail with an n/​a beer of your choice and it will likely be a great fit if the flavor profiles align. If you’re craving a dry-ish option, consider serving a shot of your favorite Patrón tequila with a can of n/​a lager or even porter, often known as a boiler-maker.”
  • Mead and n/​a cider - Those are really fun beverages to use as a mixer. There are meaderies that make some great very low-abv products to drink on their own or to make fantastic cocktails with.
  • Cold brew or nitrogenated cold espresso - Those will make banging n/​a cocktails no matter what. Or just to enjoy for a little caffeine buzz.
  • Natural sodas or mixers — Companies like Fever-Tree do outstanding job. Their citrus tonic, for example, was crafted to compliment Patrón Silver specifically, but it’s also a fantastic refresher on its own with a healthy squeeze of lemon.

Some of Egor’s favorite lower ABV Patrón cocktails:

Lime In A Coconut

¾ oz Patrón Silver
½ oz Fresh lime juice
5 oz Coconut soda kefir*

Method: Build
Glass: Tall
Garnish: Fresh cucumber ribbon

*Coconut Soda Kefir

Yield: 4 servings (8 oz, or 250 ml, each)

150 g sugar (such as piloncillo, cane sugar, or turbinado)
1 L organic coconut water
2 tablespoons (30 g) hydrated water kefir grains
Rinsed and boiled shell of 1 egg

Dissolve the sugar in a mason jar containing 1 L of water. Add the kefir grains and the eggshell. Let it sit at room temperature for 24 to 48 hours until you see bubbling activity.

Strain the kefir grains with a plastic or nylon strainer and start a new batch immediately, if possible.
Refrigerate the fermented water kefir liquid in a covered jar until ready to serve.


No Mead for Penicillin

¾ oz Patrón Extra Añejo
¾ oz Smoked ginger syrup*
1 oz Fresh lemon juice
Top with 4 oz of mead

Method: Shake
Glass: Tall
Garnish: Fresh Ginger Root

*Smoked Ginger Syrup
Press the juice of 100 g of peeled, smoked ginger. Add to 12 oz 1:1 simple syrup and shake or stir to incorporate. Keep refrigerated for 1 week.


Caffeine Shiver

½ oz Patrón Añejo
¾ oz Ancho Reyes Original
1.5 oz Espresso (ideally cold and nitrogenated)
½ oz Cinnamon syrup
1 dash Angostura coco bitters

Method: Shaken
Glass: Coupe
Garnish: Grated cinnamon


Turmerican Airlines

1 oz Patrón Silver
1 oz Turmeric-agave syrup
1 oz Lemon juice
1 oz Carrot-orange juice
½ oz N/​a aperitivo
Top with Fever-Tree citrus tonic

Method: Build
Glass: Tall
Garnish: Slice of orange


Sunshine In My Pocket Hole
(inspired by the drink originally created by Pete Hannah)
½ oz Patrón Sherry Cask Añejo
½ oz Fino Sherry
½ oz Green apple juice
1 oz Passion fruit syrup
Top with Athletic Brewing IPA

Method: Shake and strain over crushed ice
Glass: Tall
Garnish: Fresh Mint

Good cocktails come from attention and intention. Hopefully these recipes and ideas inspire your next batch of thoughtful mixes. Come back and visit for more recipes and ideas found in Proof Reads, as well as some fun and exciting posts on our Instagram @Academia_Patron