Community & Culture | Feb. 12, 2022

Love Letters to Hacienda Patrón

If you’ve been to Hacienda Patrón, then you understand the care and attention that the agave gets as it makes its way through the harvest and distillation process, transforming into your favorite tequila. You’ve seen the smiles on the faces of those wrapping Patrón Silver bottles with the iconic green tissue paper.

You’ve witnessed the sense of pride as the Jimador runs the file along the coa to sharpen its blade before perfectly trimming an agave to exacting specifications.

Perhaps you’ve heard warm greetings fill the air as swiftly as the sweet smell of cooked agave. Every inch of the Hacienda grounds that you walk, it seems, there is someone there to welcome you and, just as quick, someone to share a fact or tidbit about the people, place, or process of Patrón.

Our Brand Ambassadors recently traveled to Mexico on a spectacular educational trip that, by the end of their experience, had them beaming with knowledge and hospitality. Some had visited before and returned as family, while others experienced for the first time what it felt like to come home.”

Join us in this special Proof Read as we learn firsthand from our Brand Ambassadors what it felt like to be immersed in Mexico and in the Hacienda experience, and the feelings they brought back home. Please enjoy this love letter to the Hacienda.

Krystal (KG) Garner // Atlanta, GA

Dear Hacienda:

Words aren’t easy to come by,
Because honestly I didn’t want to say goodbye.
If I could stay forever I would,
but I hurried home to win so the primos also could.

Authenticity and happiness is the fabric of your style,
And now I’m back in Atlanta and represent Patrón with a smile.
You all are the foundation of our brands,
and none of this is possible without the 60 hands.

Andrew Grenz // Austin, TX

Hacienda Patrón made me realize that taste and aroma go beyond simply detecting the nuances from process and raw materials. The people that are dedicated to the craft, along with the passion that goes into it, add so much more depth that can only be appreciated after meeting them and seeing it first-hand.

Thank you to everyone that makes Patrón possible, there’s nothing like it in the world because of you.

Nina Singer // Miami, FL

As I sit here, I’m unsure how to even put into words the experience Patrón just gave me. I think to myself, How do I even explain the feelings of pride and excitement that I had?” But as I reminisce, I decide to list a few moments at the Hacienda that will now be kept extremely special to me.

The moment of feeling so educated and proud when physically seeing what sets us apart. From the way we still hold true to using copper pot stills, brick ovens & needing to add nothing to our yummy agave.

The moment of peeling away our baked agave and the juices hitting my taste buds. 79 hours in brick oven.

The moment of estate release being poured into a glass as I watch the sunset behind the Hacienda, looking over the very agaves grown on our own property.

The moment I felt at home, when everyone from the inside out felt like family. I had known I made one influential decision.

But for whatever reason, the moment the doors opened to the copper bar and Mariachi Moya was playing as I tasted the quality of Chairman’s Reserve, I physically got chills. I thought to myself — this is what it is all about — moments like these.

As the Hacienda now becomes my second home, I feel so lucky to be part of such a brand. A brand where from the bottom to the top, we are primos.

TJ Vong // Denver, CO

The opportunity to connect below the surface with the Patrón Familia are the moments I fell in love with. I’ve made some magical connections at the Hacienda over the years, and this trip has been nothing but magical and created additional connections, not only with the Patrón Primos but with the Patrón Familia as a whole.

There were many moments that I fell in love with, honestly, it’s hard to choose. This is my second time visiting the Hacienda and it’s very much so just as magical as the first. It’s even harder to choose because I captured so many moments on camera. But one particular moment that I fell in love with is bound by memory, tequila, and friendship: a moment of gratitude for hospitality that resulted in an exchange of gifts in appreciation for each other.

That moment was creating a new friendship with Carmén and elevating a friendship with Oskar — two amazing bartenders at the epic Copper Bar. At the end of trip, we embraced each other with smiles and hopes to see each other again soon, whether it be at the Hacienda or in the United States where I can host them like they hosted us. After making this connection we jumped outside our comfort zones. I sang some terrible karaoke and I taught Oskar how to shuffle!

Roland Price // Nashville, TN

To My Dearest Hacienda Patrón,

How can I sum up in just a short letter the feelings I have for you? I don’t think that it’s possible, but I will certainly try. You have been so wonderful to me and the rest of us on the Brand Ambassador Team. Hosting us last week was nothing short of amazing. I will never forget the feeling of driving up to the entrance on turning into the long stretch that leads us straight to the front of the Hacienda, and in fact I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

From the feelings of the breeze when I would walk through the courtyard to the sweet aromas of agave being cooked just behind those walls, it is something that will stay with me for a lifetime. Our Primos and Primas on site are the most amazing people as well with such an amazing gift of family and loyalty that I could not begin to describe. They made me feel like I was right at home the whole time.

I loved being able to go into town and see firsthand the culture and community that weaves into the fabric of who we are and what makes us do what we do. One truly unforgettable moment is being able to walk into the bar there and spend time with Oskar. He is truly the most electrifying personality and embodies what I believe to be a culture that only comes from being a part of the Patrón Family. His drinks and banter were amazing and left all of us desiring more. As sad as I was to leave to come back to my actual home, I left knowing that from my time there it was indeed my second home and, I truly cannot wait to get back down and immerse myself more into the family that is Tequila Patrón.

Carissa Kaufman // L.A.

Seeing the Hacienda for the first time in person was truly breathtaking. I was blown away by the impeccable attention to detail in every single aspect of the property. It’s difficult to pinpoint a singular moment as my favorite, however when I saw the copper bar for the first time, I was overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of it all. The way the sun slipped between the windows and illuminated the copper bar top was simply perfect. The entire room glowed and I couldn’t stop smiling. I cannot wait to share another drink with friends someday in the most beautiful bar I’ve ever seen.

Sam Willy // NYC

At the Hacienda, everyone was so welcoming. From Peter, our host, to Ofelia, our guide, and every single employee within the distillery, everyone was so kind and friendly. It felt like being part of one big family. The Hacienda is absolutely beautiful but it is the people which make it so special.

A love letter to the Hacienda is one you never want to stop writing. On the last night of the trip more than one Brand Ambassador was heard saying, I never want to leave.” That’s just the feeling you get when you spend time where Patrón is born. As soon as the Hacienda appears in the rearview mirror on the way out, you begin counting the moments until you can return.

To the staff of La Casona and the employees at Hacienda Patrón, we thank you endlessly for your hospitality and for opening your doors so that we may see.

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