Community & Culture | Nov. 11, 2021

Academia Patrón Holiday Gift Guide

So begins the season of giving! If you happen to be a phenomenal gift giver, you’ve been keeping careful notes from passing conversations over the last year about potential items to get your friends and family. Any somewhat serious interest gets stored away with a list of links for safe keeping. In certain (rare) circumstances, these items may already be constructed, sourced or otherwise purchased and stowed away in your closet, wrapped and ready.

If you aren’t this type of gift giver and you wish, more than anything, that people would be more direct and simply say things like, I wish someone would get me ______!,” well, this one’s for you.

We sat down with the members of the Academia Patrón Education Team and asked them what others are too afraid to ask: What do you wish someone would get you, that you won’t get for yourself?” Check out what they had to say, and follow the links to find out more! If you’re looking for inspiration, their picks might work well for your friends and family, or if you just want a little something nice for yourself.

Wish List from Steph Teslar | Manager of Trade Education & Mixology, East Region

Splurge: Sterling Silver Faceted Crystal Decanter (linked)

I’ve always wanted a beautiful crystal decanter for a favorite tequila, this one is stunning and made to order! I think a home bar is equal parts great tequila selection but also about having a beautiful aesthetic.

Budget Friendly: Water Carbonation System (linked)

There are several to choose from, from the more affordable Soda Stream to this Aarke copper water carbonation system from Crate and Barrel. Creating my own soda water at home is my favorite way to enjoy Patrón in an everyday fashion. You can also carbonate things like tea to make a delicious refreshing liquid to pair with Patrón for a delightful long drink. 

Wish List from Egor Polonskiy | Manager of Trade Education & Mixology, West Region

: Bar Apron by MrMurka (linked)

Who doesn’t like fancy, fun and catchy bar apparel? Bartenders are showmen and these aprons match that quality.

Budget Friendly: Portable/​Travel Espresso Maker, like Nanopresso (linked)

Make espresso cocktails any day and any time. Don’t need a mega coffee machine as this portable solution will make a delicious espresso a‑la-minute with almost no effort!

Extreme Splurge:
Festive Punch Bowl (linked)

Holidays are coming and we all are going to be hosting some epic home parties. Punches are the way to go when trying to make great drink and serve a bunch of friends at home at the same time. There are tons of awesome-looking punch bowls, like this octopus.

Budget friendly option: Sometimes it’s a matter a scoring one at a garage sale or an antique store to save couple bucks on this great household item!

Wish List from Stephen Halpin | Manager of Trade Education & Mixology, Central Region

Splurge: Absolutely anything from Tepotztli (linked)

I have so many shakers of different shapes and sizes but I am obsessed with everything that these guys do.

Budget friendly: Agave Glass (linked)

I recently had a chance to taste Roca Silver and Patrón Sherry Cask using this glass at a bar. I was pleasantly surprised at the difference it made vs drinking from a standard glass.

I would love to see a set of these in my Christmas stocking!

David Alan | Director, Trade Education & Mixology

Stand-out gifting item of the season:
The New Oxford Companion to Spirits and Cocktails (link here)

Just in case you do actually get that fancy punch bowl you’re hoping for, here’s the perfect seasonal recipe to break it in with friends or family. 


375 ml bottle of Patrón Anejo (12.5 ounces)

1 liter 100% cranberry juice

1 bottle Martini and Rossi Asti(750 ml bottles) ,

2 cups apple cider

2 cups ginger ale 

2 oranges thinly sliced into rounds

1 cup fresh cranberries

Combine all ingredients in a punch bowl with ice.

Serve into punch glasses with fresh ice.

Gift giving is meant to be fun, meaningful, and rewarding, and it’s our hope that this guide will enrich your giving experience. Whether you pick your gifts from this list or it inspires new ideas, we hope it served as a reminder that the clock is ticking. Happy gift giving! (and receiving.)

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