Perfectionists | Jun. 11, 2022

Get to Know Harrison Kenney, This Year’s Global PATRÓN PERFECTIONIST Champion

Congratulations to Australia’s Harrison Kenney, the Global Winner of Patrón Perfectionists!

His drink ​‘Teal’ is a celebration of tequila and Mexico that starts with Patrón Silver and finishes with drops of vanilla infused olive oil. Speaking not only to the judges but to the first live audience at the Hacienda since 2020, Harrison’s charm and hospitality radiated. His marriage of authentic moments and delivery of tantalizing cocktail flavors allowed him to rise to the top in the judges’ eyes.

Keep reading to learn more about Harrison's inspiration, journey, and takeaways from the week of competition and community. Welcome to the familia, Harrison, and congratulations to all of the talented finalists.

Q&A with Harrison

How does it feel to represent your home country of Australia as this year's Patrón Perfectionists Champion?

It’s a great honor and privilege of course. Australia is my home, and I look forward to sharing with the world more Aussie charm.

What did it mean to be a part of Patrón Perfectionists in the place Patrón is made?

It was all virtual up until that point so it was totally surreal to be there. It meant that the moment was real, it was really happening. I still can’t believe it did happen actually…

What does your winning cocktail, Teal, represent?

Teal represents a cocktail that passes through no less than the 62 hands of those who make Patrón, to come together.

What would you like to say to your fellow competitors?

Thank you from the absolute bottom of my heart, I couldn’t have done this without you all, you brought out the best in me. When one of us wins, we all win.

What inspired you during your time at the Hacienda?

You never have to look far. Inspiration is all around you in the people, place and process.

What was the Patrón Perfectionists finals experience like? What were some key memorable moments?

Nobody’s ever ready to do anything until they’re doing it. The lead up was nerve-racking but the moment I got behind the bar I found immediate solace. But saying that, 8 minutes did feel like 20 seconds. The most memorable moment was Joey Chisholm’s reaction to the final announcement. It will live rent free in my mind forever.

Why would you recommend others enter Patrón Perfectionists? What did you take away from this experience?

I recommend it not only to challenge yourself but to learn, to push creative boundaries, and to meet people that will impact your life immensely. What did I take away? Life-long friends.

What would you recommend to future competitors?

Be obsessed with what you do, don’t take yourself too seriously but enjoy yourself. How you climb the mountain is more important than reaching the top.

More about Harrison:

Creative lead at Cantina OK! in Sydney – ranked no. 28 at the World’s 50 Best bars 2020 - Harrison Kenney started his career in the bar industry seven years ago. Harrison’s journey has been nurtured by a great passion for bartending and an even more profound love for hospitality and connecting with people: “A world where empathy, kindness and exceptional service is the quotidian. I live and breathe hospitality and weaving dreams behind the bar is what I love. Serving the perfect cocktail to turn someone’s day around is so emotionally fulfilling.”

"Teal" Inspiration and Recipe

One thing Harrison loves as much as enlightened hospitality, it’s agave. His Teal is a celebration of tequila and Mexico. With the green top notes of Patrón Silver reminiscent of fresh cut grass, lime zest and eucalyptus, it is a cocktail that nods to Agua de Alfalfa. Its colors and aromas bring memories of fall afternoons in Mexico for a pleasant, unexpected and thirst-quenching mix. Vanilla olive oil is central to the taste and story of Teal, nodding to vanilla cultivations by the Totonacs of Mexico’s East Coast. It adds the most delightful mouth feel, floating on a vibrant green drink that heroes Patrón and the agave plant.

Cocktail Recipe


30ml Patrón Silver
10ml Fino Sherry
15 Simple Syrup 1:1
20ml Fresh Pressed Lime
20ml Fresh Juiced Celery
3 x 50c size pieces of fresh Kiwifruit
Vanilla pods (Vanilla EVOO)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Vanilla EVOO)


In a shaker tin, place:

3 x 50c size pieces of fresh Kiwifruit
30ml Patrón Silver
10ml Fino Sherry
20ml Fresh pressed Lime Juice
20ml Freshly juiced Celery
15ml Simple Syrup 1:1

Shake/Fine Strain and serve in a coupe and add 3-5 drops of Vanilla EVOO

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