WELCOME TO Patrón Perfectionists 2023 – 2024

Each year PATRÓN Perfectionists brings a new level of creativity and a new approach to flavor, creativity and storytelling with PATRÓN Tequila at heart. This program illuminates the tireless efforts of bartenders — the global guides to our fantastic industry. 

PATRÓN Perfectionists much more than a cocktail competition — it’s a journey of discovery, taste and building community.


PATRÓN Paloma Perfecta + Tales Margarita Masters

Support your Global & USA PATRÓN Perfectionists program entry, and learn more about this year’s PATRÓN Paloma Perfecta & Tales Margarita Masters training sessions, workshops, and recipes. 

Take your education to the next level with our incredible contributors, incorporating modern techniques, new flavors and Mexican culture into bitesize educational elements, online videos, workshops and materials.