Our Story

The Hacienda

Our Home

From start to finish, all Patrón tequilas are created at Hacienda Patrón. Hacienda Patrón is located in the municipality of Atotonilco el Alto in the Mexican state of Jalisco, a region known for its production of high-quality tequila. We chose this due to its proximity to Siete Leguas, where we were originally produced, and to the growers who continue to provide us with our agave. Our exact location was chosen because of the mineral content, acidity, and taste of the water, which we draw from our well sunk deep into the aquifer directly below the distillery.

By tradition, hacienda” refers to a large estate — often with several buildings and business functions — that’s managed by an individual, the patrón.” The name seemed like a natural fit. The Hacienda consists of:

The Central Building

  • The main distillery
  • Offices / conference rooms
  • A chapel
  • An education/​tasting room
  • Staff kitchens / dining areas
  • Four guest rooms
  • Yeast lab

Replication not automation

Hacienda Patrón was originally constructed with two sides: on one side were two tahonas and on the other, one roller mill. As demand grew, so did the distillery. Patrón built nearly identical copies of the existing distillery. Now Patrón has 14 tahonas, the most in any distillery in the world.

Liqueurs Plant

Citrónge Orange liqueur is produced and bottled at our own liqueurs distillery.

La Casona

Opened to guests in January 2017, our La Casona guest house features 20 luxurious guest suites, our in-house restaurant and the legendary Copper Bar. La Casona was designed by distinguished Guadalajara interior architect Joaquin Homs.

Casa Patrón

Part of our production takes place at our Casa Patrón facility in downtown Atotonilco.

Formerly the El Viejito distillery, the facility was purchased by Patrón in 2005. Casa Patrón produces Patrón roller mill tequila, which is transported to the main Hacienda facility where it is incorporated into the Patrón blend. All liquid and solid waste materials from Casa Patrón are processed at the Hacienda.