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Patrón Reposado

Patrón Reposado is aged for three to five months in a combination of new and used American, French and Hungarian oak barrels. This spirit maintains the roasted agave flavors unique to Patrón, while mingling in perfect harmony with hints of light oak.
Age Patrón Silver ages for 3-5 months in French Limousin, French Allier Oak, Hungarian Oak, Hybrid American/French barrels and Used American Bourbon barrels. This adds complexity to the flavor and a clear, bright, light gold color.
Proof 80 proof
Aroma Low alcohol note, fresh agave, cooked agave, citrus (lemon tea), pineapple, light oak, tannins, slightly sweet, caramel.
Taste Soft, sweet, light fresh agave, cooked agave, light oak wood, honey, vanilla, citrus notes, fruity (banana, apple, pear).