limited edition

Patrón x Guillermo del Toro

Patrón teamed up with the award-winning Mexican director, producer, and writer (who is originally from Jalisco) in 2017 for this collaboration between Guillermo and Francisco Alcaraz. Packaged in a box designed by Guillermo del Toro and illustrated by Guy Davis (a longtime collaborator of del Toro), the process of creating the spirits’ presentation took over a year with the first sketch occurring in March of 2015.
Age Aged about 4 years in Hybrid Barrel, Used American Bourbon, and Oloroso Sherry barrels.
Proof 80 proof
Aroma Sweet and supple, laden with dried fruits (particularly raisins), vanilla, caramel, and light notes of sherry.
Taste Sweet and complex, with baked agave, orange, dark honey, vanilla, caramel, notes of sherry, and a long, spicy finish.
The outside of the Guillermo del Toro tequila collaboration. The box is black and white and has art that is shaped like a skull. A bottle of the tequila sits in front of it. The bottle is red, has a skull shaped cork and the glass is made to resemble ribs.