limited edition

Patrón Extra Añejo 10 Años Limited Edition Tequila

An extraordinary tequila that has been aging in ideal conditions in the barrel room at Hacienda Patrón for an impressive 10 years, Patrón Extra Añejo 10 Años is the oldest tequila made at the Patrón distillery. After a decade in American oak barrels and hybrid American/French Limousin oak barrels, this tequila is presented in a hand-blown glass replica of the very first Patrón bottle.
Age Aged 10 years in a combination of American oak & French Limousin oak barrels.
Proof 80 proof
Aroma Dark and rich, with burnt caramel, toasted oak, vanilla, burnt orange, and wood polish.
Taste Heady and spice-forward, with Ceylon cinnamon, red pepper, walnuts, tobacco leaf, nutmeg, and menthol on the finish.