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Patrón Extra Añejo

Patrón Extra Añejo tequila, crafted from Mexico’s highest-quality 100% Weber Blue Agave, is distilled in small batches aged exceptionally to create an extraordinarily rich taste. Extra Añejo is aged in a combination of new and used American, French and Hungarian oak barrels for at least 3 full years, imparting a unique taste of dry fruits, banana, honey and vanilla, together with a light distinctive flavor of agave.
Age Patrón Extra Añejo uses the same process and barrels as Patrón Reposado and Patrón Añejo, but ages for about 3 years.
Proof 80 proof
Aroma Low alcohol note, sweet, fruity, medium oak, vanilla, dried fruits, raisins, light cooked agave, honey, caramel, light banana, citrus (orange, lemon, grapefruit).
Taste Sweet, fruity (apple, banana), dried fruits, light nuts, citrus (orange, lemon), honey, oak, vanilla.