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Patrón Añejo

A distinctly barrel-aged spirit, Patrón Añejo develops a sweeter profile over time due to its interaction with oak barrels for 12 to 15 months. Big wood notes become prevalent during this time without overpowering the baked agave flavors that are uniquely Patrón. Perfect for sipping or in your favorite cocktail, the spirit also features an elegant, smoky sweet finish.
Age To create Patrón Añejo, we age Patrón Silver for 12-15 months in French Limousin, French Allier Oak, Hungarian Oak, Hybrid American/French barrels and Used American Bourbon barrels. This adds complexity to the flavor and a clear, bright, amber color.
Proof 80 proof
Aroma Low alcohol note, sweet, light cooked agave, woody, toasted dried fruits, vanilla. Apricot, spicy oak, cinnamon.
Taste Soft, rich and sweet, very light cooked agave, woody, toasted dried fruits, vanilla, honey, spicy, black pepper, pear, apple.