gran patrón

Gran Patrón Smoky

Gran Patrón Smoky celebrates the ancient practice of roasting agaves in stone-lined earthen pit ovens. After roasting for about a week in the ground, the agaves are pressed by a two-ton volcanic stone tahona wheel, then fermented and distilled on their own fibers. Gran Patrón Smoky is bottled at 101 proof to showcase the influence of this ancestral technique."
Age Tahona-only, unaged tequila made with ancient cooking process. The Blue Weber Agave is roasted in small underground stone pits with mesquite wood for 7 days, which imparts a very unique and distinctive smoky taste and aroma.
Proof 101 proof
Aroma Intensely perfumed with smoked agave, wet soil, and barbecue, with lighter notes of white pepper and grapefruit.
Taste Rich and complex, with smoked agave, lemon zest, and vegetal / umami notes such as artichokes, poblano, and Gouda.