Educational Resources | abr. 15, 2021

Hacienda Patrón Reunion

Family is everything at Patrón. If you’ve been down to the Hacienda, you are familiar with the feeling of being immediately welcomed into a close knit community of people who all share a deep appreciation for hospitality and dedication to craft. The Hacienda Patrón Reunion brings the far-flung family of former Hacienda guests back to the grounds of the Hacienda each fall for a deeper dive into the culture and traditions of the highlands of Jalisco. In recent years, bartenders from across North America have headed down to Atotonilco El Alto for a 4‑day experience, featuring educational programming and one-of-a-kind experiential activations. What makes the Reunion trip stand out amongst other trips to Hacienda Patrón is the extensive variety of activities our attendees are able to participate in. From exploring the town of Tlaquepaque, to experiencing a traditional Charreada (Mexican rodeo), there is something for everyone at the Hacienda Patrón Reunion. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and recall some of the activities from our last gathering. The Atotonilco walking tour is a popular choice of excursion for those wanting a deeper look into the town where Patrón was born. Highlights from this activity include a visit to the town’s 400 year old parish church and an open-air shopping mall. Ballet Folklórico is not for the faint of heart. This class is an intensive training in traditional Mexican dance and concludes with a spectacular performance put on by those brave enough to participate in the class for the rest of the Reunion group. Our Master Blending session is a fan favorite and we make sure everyone gets a chance to participate in an interactive blending exercise with our Barrel Chief” Ricardo Mora. The session showcases five different single barrels aged in varying styles. During the event you get to create your own unique one-of-a-kind blend to take home with you and show off to your loved ones. For those who want to learn more about the flavors of Mexico, we offer a traditional Culinary Workshop hosted by our head chef Daniel Nuñez. We make sure to always include new classes and workshops each year for attendees to choose from, ensuring each Reunion is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We also hold full group activities during Reunion including Charreada, performances by Mariachi Moya, Sustainability initiatives and last but not least, the International Cocktail Karaoke Showcase. Charreada is a historic sport in Jalisco and is a great way to show our guests a look inside the culture and history of the state. Our group gets to experience a traditional Charreada performance with a live band accompanied by cold Patrón margaritas and traditional foods. Of course, what Patrón Reunion is complete without a Karaoke Showcase? We end our time at Hacienda Patrón filling the surrounding Valley with the sounds of our familia singing and slinging drinks. As with so many things this year, the status of an in-person 2021 Reunion is uncertain. That being said, the Hacienda has a magical pull on all who have had the opportunity to pass through her gates, so we know that it is only a matter of time before this group is reunited again!